Faces in the Mirror

Aaron Farrington
Rita DoveJamie DyerSian Richards
The brainchild of the Dave Matthews Band's violinist Boyd Tinsley, FACES IN THE MIRROR is a lushly photographed, experimental musical drama following Ben Fischer (Ryan Orr), a young man returning home to bury his estranged father?a workaholic who neglected his son most of his life. On the day of the funeral, Ben embarks on a dreamlike odyssey through his past and present, where he's led to fantastical places with a bevy of mystifying figures?a comforting young woman, a concerned old friend, a wise street prophet?who all seem to be guiding him somewhere. Woven into this tapestry are memories of his parents and his childhood caretaker, Roberta (played by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Rita Dove, who also wrote and performs the spoken-word piece "Interior Landscapes" throughout the film). Desperately searching for a way to be free of his pain and guilt, Ben journeys through all of the ineffable spaces between confusion, anger, acceptance and forgiveness. In addition to conceiving and producing the expansive musical score for FACES IN THE MIRROR, Tinsley also co-wrote, co-produced, co-edited and co-stars in the film.
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