1:24:08 | 2010

Categories: Documentary, Sports, Biography

Based on the bestselling book by Sam Walker, FANTASYLAND traces a single season in the expert fantasy baseball league of Tout Wars. But this wasn't any ordinary season. This season, New York financial analyst Jed Latkin would compete against the greatest minds in fantasy baseball—including Tout Wars founder Ron Shandler—and he is willing to do anything to win. In order to beat the experts, Latkin attempts to play fantasy for real and hits the road to meet, motivate and plead with actual Major League Baseball players to perform well for his squad, the Jedi Knights. He presents players including Gary Sheffield, Justin Verlander, Carl Crawford and J.J. Putz with team jerseys in hopes of inspiring them to lead the Jedi Knights to the top of the Tout Wars standings. FANTASYLAND is not only an illuminating glimpse into the world behind this billion dollar industry, but also a fascinating portrait of one of the most obsessed fantasy sports players you will ever meet.


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Morgan Monnet
November 6, 2013
Kat Turk
October 6, 2013
I had no clear idea of what fantasy baseball was about, until seeing this film. The film did a great job explaining it all. Graphics were quite nice. Talk about obsession! Jed's wife is a saint; they do seem perfect for each other - they are both always smiling. I think it was sour grapes/jealousy on Ron's part, not inviting Jed back. Sure, he was intense. But who has the right to set limits on that? Fantasy sports in itself is obsessive. Also, there is nothing wrong with following players rather than teams (a point made by several in the movie) - I have no loyalty to one team, but have a variety of favorite players. These days there are so many trades, anyway. Players like The Core Four will be no more, sad to say. Anyway, great sports flick.
Jeff Douglas
October 15, 2013
Yea, it's a great movie.
August 6, 2013
Jeff Douglas
August 1, 2013
Mack Shaw
July 9, 2013
Harold Brazil
June 24, 2013
Love this doc. Has the same strong energy as Moneyball with an even darker tone as this guy would rather be playing fantasy baseball than being their for the delivery of his twins. It also has a really strong, easily-definable hook: will this newcomer/average joe win this competition with the experts? Even though he was quirky, I was very interested in seeing if he would win.