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Female Suicide Bombers

Female Suicide Bombers
52:34 | 2005

Categories: Documentary, War

From Russia to Sri Lanka to the Middle East, women are increasingly turning their bodies into bombs, blowing up markets, schools and even jetliners. Who are these women and why are they dying to kill? Lisa Ling journeys to the war-torn streets of Chechnya and Israel's occupied territories for an intense and moving look at the line where hopelessness begets rage, murder fuels martyrdom and women are increasingly dying to kill.


Reviews: A 49 Fans
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John Liberty
January 25, 2014
Thanks sara for sharing this with me ARTICLE V
January 25, 2014
You're welcome, love.
Adalis Ikra
May 18, 2012
Islam is against suicide Islam is peace and respect. These are just people (women) ignorant, and fed up with life and are miserable.