Flickering Lights

110 MINS2001TVMA
Anders Thomas Jefferson
Iben HjejleUlrich Thomsen
Academy Award winner Anders Thomas Jensen, whose style has been described as a cross between Tarantino and The Coen brothers, has pulled a stunner with FLICKERING LIGHTS; both shocking and funny, violent and gentle. It's a brand new kind of gangster comedy about four childhood buddies whose screwed-up crimes turn out to have redeeming value.

Torkild, a bumbling petty criminal, and his accomplices, dispatched by a mob boss to rob a diplomat, decide to flee with the loot and head for Barcelona. After their van breaks down in the Danish countryside, they find refuge in an abandoned building. Their leader, deciding that he's tired of the criminal life, buys it in hopes of opening a restaurant. Even though his little gang of faithful buddies (who have never really grown up) has a depressing tendency to fail at all jobs, they unite in the effort and magically, incredibly, are able to turn their lives around.