Hal Hartley
Jose ZunigaMartin DonovanMichael Imperioli
Directed by Hal Hartley, FLIRT spans three continents, three languages, three races, two sexual orientations and an infinitely comic variety of misunderstandings. It begins in New York City with the story of Bill (Bill Sage), whose girlfriend (Parker Posey) gives him an ultimatum a few hours before leaving for a trip to Paris: make a commitment or end the relationship. The film then proceeds to tell a variation of the same story two more times: in Berlin, Dwight (Dwight Ewell) is a young American unable to settle down with his boyfriend, an older German art dealer; and in Tokyo, a dance student named Miho (Miho Nikaido) is torn between her teacher, Mr. Ozu (Toshizo Fujiwara) and her boyfriend, an American filmmaker. FLIRT co-stars Martin Donovan, Robert Burke and Michael Imperioli.
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