Food Design

Food Design
52:00 | 2009

Categories: Documentary, Health and Food, Arts and Culture

The sound of sausage: When a bite produces a distinct crunch, they taste particularly good. Fish sticks, on the other hand, don't make such great noises, but they can be arranged nicely in the pan. And is it merely a coincidence that bologna fits perfectly onto a slice of bread, and that when combined, they make up a popular snack?

Designers create clothes, furniture, cars and all kinds of useful items. So why not food? Food designers work on things to eat, giving them a certain style and function. They not only make sure that food and drink fill our stomachs, but also that the eating process is practical and appeals to all the senses - so that we're hungry for more.

FOOD DESIGN takes a look at the secret chambers of a major manufacturer of food, where designers and scientists are defining your favorite mouthful of tomorrow. It shows how form, color, smell, consistency, the sounds made during eating, manufacturing technique, history and stories are all aspects of food and eating that both influence food design, and are created by it.


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Vince Vilan
September 30, 2014
Fulgenzio Baracco
August 2, 2014
Courtney Porter
January 24, 2014
December 9, 2013
Asta Nova
July 29, 2013
Sight,scent sound- science and culture all are part of Food Design. Visually gorgeous, intellectually stimulating.
Mitchell Mayo
October 2, 2012
I find it most difficult to comprehend that we our living in the second millennium in what is happening in S, E, Asia, I lived over there for twenty years, I have a Beautiful wife, & a new home over there but no health plan, They refused to continue my insurance policy when I reached 65 years of age What a Sad tale 4 me ".