For Heaven's Sake



Nat Christian
David Paetkau (Sniper, AVPR)Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch)Alison Lange (Single White Female)
Sarah Miller, known to her grandchildren as "Nanny," is still slim and athletic in her early seventies. She's a successful author, feisty, intellectual and full of fun. Her granddaughter is closest to her and together they prepare for Katie's 11th birthday. But before it arrives, Sarah suffers a fatal heart attack and finds herself on a celestial roller coaster en route to heaven. Not particularly religious, Sarah is nevertheless accepted into Heaven, and begins her preparation to meet her parents, the love of her life and others that passed before her. Back on earth, Katie is not taking her grandmother's passing lightly and on her 11th birthday she collapses and is rushed to the hospital. After heavenly bureaucratic rambling, Sarah gets one last chance to visit her granddaughter on earth, and appears to Katie in the hospital. Katie wants nothing more than to join her grandmother in heaven, but Sarah convinces her that life on earth is beautiful journey worth experiencing. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE is an emotional, life-affirming roller coaster ride for the entire family, with resounding overtones of faith.

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