Forget About It



BJ Davis
Raquel WelchCharles DurningBurt Reynolds
Welcome to Sunrise Village?a little piece of trailer park heaven outside of Phoenix where retired war vets Sam (Burt Reynolds), Carl (Robert Loggia) and Eddie (Charles Durning) live out their twilight years while vying for the attentions of their sexy neighbor Christine (Raquel Welch). Enter ex-wiseguy Angelo Nitti, who has landed in Sunrise via the Witness Protection Program?with $4 million stolen from the mafia pals he ratted out. When Sam, Carl and Eddie stumble upon Angelo's hidden cash stash, the hapless trio thinks their ship has finally come in. But their golden years are about to be pumped full of lead! FORGET ABOUT IT also co-stars Phyllis Diller, Richard Greico and Michael Paloma.
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