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Frank Sinatra - When You Are Smiling

Frank Sinatra - When You Are Smiling
1:00:00 | 2007

Categories: Documentary, Music, History

In 1957, the Bulova Watch Company sponsored The Frank Sinatra Show, a variety show starring Sinatra and airing on Friday nights on the ABC Television Network. This show was taped in November of that year and featured special guest stars Dagmar, comedians Tim Herbert and Don Saxon, Eileen Barton, pianist Joey Bushkin and June Hutton. FRANK SINATRA - WHEN YOU ARE SMILING is remastered from the archive tape of the broadcast, and is the original broadcast including the sponsors promotional segments. While the quality of reproduction may not meet modern technological standards, it is a rare record of some of the most popular performers of the Twentieth Century performing together.


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Redewaan Williams
December 18, 2013
Taylor Taglianetti
December 16, 2013
Love this.
Beth M.
December 15, 2013
Ruben Ramos
November 26, 2013
M. Tricia Lee
November 21, 2013
With a moustache? You look at this earlier footage when Frank Sinatra was younger and you start realizing how much he would learn and progress as an entertainer in the years to come. Nice vintage footage of early television. But, with a moustache?