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From the Mara to the Marathon

From the Mara to the Marathon
1:03:24 | 2009

Categories: Action

Anthony Edwards (ER, Top Gun) met Ole Kane Lettura while Lettura was working as a scout for a safari company in western Kenya. Lettura had a natural ease about him and warmth towards the Edwards' family that was immediately ingratiating. Lettura took Anthony for a run around the safari camp one day and shared that he loved to run. Edwards a basic recreational runner had an idea that it would be great to give Lettura the opportunity to run in the New York City Marathon. Not to win the race but like thousands of other runners to participate.

Six months later accompanied by two talented filmmakers Edwards Spent a week documenting Lettura's life. With one week to go before the marathon they all went to New York and explored the city and life in the urban jungle. The story of the film comes out of these two weeks shared by this eclectic group.

Two worlds that could not be more different on the exterior have subtle and deep connections through the spirit of the people.


Reviews: A+ 2 Fans
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