Girl in Gold Boots

91 MINS1968Cult ClassicsR


Cult Classics
Ted V. Mikels
Mark HerronJody DanielsTom PaceBara ByrnesLeslie McRayVictor Izay
Ted V. Mikels' 1968 candy-colored cult classic is the story of Michele Casey, a young woman with a dead-end waitressing job and Hollywood aspirations. Luring her with promises of his "connections" in Los Angeles, sleazy agent Buz Nichols convinces Michele to hit the road for the City of Angels. After picking up a guitar-strumming hitchhiker named Critter along the way, the trio lands in L.A. and Michele gets a job as a go-go dancer at a groovy club. But her dreams of glamour and fame are soon tarnished when this GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS learns about the club owner's nefarious underworld dealings.
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