Grace & Mercy: The Epilogue

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Categories: Biography
04:00 | 2011
The epilogue piece to GRACE & MERCY, a feature documentary that interweaves the tireless work of Marie Jose Poux who runs an orphanage responsible for over 60 children and her brother, Ben Constant, who is the “Mayor” of one of the largest tent cities in Port-au-Prince. Combining unprecedented access with cinema-vérité footage, director Luis Peña paints a beautiful portrait of a brother and sister team who have dedicated their lives to rebuilding their home country of Haiti. Shot over the course of the year following the devastating January 12th, 2010 earthquake, the film aims to show how Haiti survives -- no matter what -- and will one day thrive again.

Produced by Preferred Content and Peñabrand.

For updates on Marie Jose's and Ben's work, please visit:


Topics: Interviews, Fascinating Places, Children, Orphans, Haiti, Survivors, Inspiration, Homeless
Reviews: C+ 2 Fans
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February 15, 2014
Trace Sheehan
Trace Sheehan
November 13, 2013
heartwrenchingly beautiful