Happy Holidays

104mins | 2008 | ComedyTVPG
James Ferguson
John B. Crye, Paul Hungerford, Thomas Rhoads
Three childhood friends unexpectedly reunite in their Connecticut hometown right before Christmas in a story about growing up, growing apart and finding common ground. Alden is a recent convert to Judaism. He currently lives in Chicago, but is constantly on the move. He also has major commitment issues. Kirby is a staunch Catholic, who uses his faith to justify his moral lapses. He is in town from Baltimore, where he lives with his wife and kids. And Patrick still lives in his parents' house in Connecticut (which he purchased from them; they live in Maine). A self-proclaimed atheist, Patrick is also one of the only openly gay men in town. Patrick and his friends spend the next forty-eight hours trying to relive the past. In doing so, they ultimately discover that it isn't exactly as they remembered. The guys literally dig up old memories in the form of a time capsule, and are transported back to the 1980s. But their present realities are more powerful than any fond recollection of the past. They must come to terms with who they are now, not only as friends, but also as adults. HAPPY HOLIDAYS is thought-provoking, poignant, and at times, hilarious. The holidays will never be the same!
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