Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Jeff KrulikJohn Heyn
HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT is considered one of the greatest rock movies of all time?a hilarious documentary tribute to greatest rock fans ever. Filmed in 1986 at a Maryland concert arena parking lot before a Judas Priest show, it's an unvarnished anthropological study of American metalheads at the height of their spandexed glory. It is a quintessential 1980s magnum opus?made complete with a vast display of bleach-blonde frizzy perms, bare-chested dudes, Mullets From Hell, faded denim rocker chicks and the largest collection of late '70s Camaros ever seen in one location. Virtually unknown to mainstream audiences for two decades, HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT was a VHS bootleg favorite among musicians, movie stars and cult-video fanatics worldwide.
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