Hill Number One



Arthur Pierson
Patrick Peyton Gordon OliverGene LockhartTodd Karns Leif EricksonRegis ToomeyRuth HusseyRoddy McDowallJames Dean
Featuring James Dean in an early role as John the Apostle, this is the story of a U.S. Army company stationed far from home and questioning their fate. This inspirational drama portrays the group of wartime soldiers on one cold and lonely Easter morning as they ponder the seeming pointlessness of capturing hill after hill. The dramatization of the resurrection begins just after the crucifixion as Mary (Ruth Hussey, The Philadelphia Story), Nicodemus (Regis Toomey, Guys and Dolls), Pontius Pilate (Leif Erickson, On the Waterfront) and others ponder the meaning of Christ?s sacrifice. Also starring Roddy McDowall (Planet of the Apes) and Gene Lockhart (Miracle on 34th Street), HILL NUMBER ONE was broadcast as an episode of the religious anthology series Family Theatre, hosted and produced by Father Patrick Peyton.
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