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Hindenburg's Fiery Secrets

Hindenburg's Fiery Secrets
55:00 | 2008

Categories: Documentary, History, War

The most celebrated and magnificent flying machine ever built, Hindenburg was a luxury liner in the sky. Stretching 804 feet in length and lifted by seven million cubic feet of hydrogen, the legendary German airship was a stunning technological masterpiece. Witness rare historic footage as you hear incredible first-hand accounts from witnesses and survivors. See the unforgettable story of heroes and horror and how one ill-fated flight put an end to history's golden age of passenger airships in HINDENBURG'S FIERY SECRET.


Reviews: A 18 Fans
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Lee David
June 5, 2014
Ana Marijanović
February 12, 2014
lily carnation
December 22, 2013
debra sparks
November 24, 2013
William Thompson
November 10, 2013
was bouncy at first
Joel House
June 29, 2013
Neil Johnson
January 14, 2013
Just about a year ago (Feb. 2, 2012) I and a friend of mine flew on the Zeppelin NT that was owned by Airship Ventures in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the company has gone out of business due to financial problems. We flew on a one hour flight in San Diego and it was a most interesting experience. I can't say that it was exciting but it was definitely fascinating and I am glad I could experience what it is like to fly on an airship.
Kenny Huhtala
November 23, 2012
history got to like this wow yeah enjoy~ @@.
Ken Choate
July 19, 2012
An interesting hypothesis, I have always been fascinated with the dirigables of the 30's. These things were huge! What a magnificent sight to see in the sky! That said, my research found that the Hindenberg was heavy aft approaching the mooring mast. Indeed this documentary shows the Hindenberg dropping ballast from the stern. My contention is that there could of been a leaking gas bag aft, hence the dropping of ballast aft on approach. At that point none of the landing lines had touched the ground to complete an electrical circuit. As far as the flame test depicted in the documentary I saw no huge increase in flame propogation as advertised in the hypothisis. My hypothisis is static electricity and a favorable flamable aiir content created by a leaking gas bag downed the Hindenberg. Sorry NG. Best regards,
Amir Amanullah
May 7, 2012
Very Informative. Lessons for Aviators and aviation too..
Jon Behrens
December 28, 2011
Great little documentary.