His Big White Self

Categories: Documentary, History
1hr 32min | 2006
"His Big White Self" (2006) The aftermath of "The Leader..." was deadly serious for all concerned. The final days of Apartheid led to the nominal defeat of the white right as the ANC came to power. More crucially, Eugene Terre'blanche,facing certain incarceration and national ridicule, had no doubt bid his followers to implement the numerous death and bomb threats that Broomfield was subjected to in the months that followed the film's release in 1991. Never thinking in his worst nightmares that 14 years later he would feel compelled to track down 'His Big White Self'...of course, Broomfield did just that.

This new and not to be missed film further explores Terre'blanche's absurd yet insidious character, exposing his regime's stark and sobering impact that lingers to this day. Broomfield revisits the familiar and haunted faces of those brought down and broken by democracy's rise in South Africa, finally confronting the newly released and unrepentant Terre'blanche in a manner not only tense but also hilarious and unforgettable.


Topics: Race, International, Politics, Government, Culture, Society
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