When coming out makes Ron a target for attack, he finds a school where respect and acceptance are taught alongside Math and English.

More About Homecoming from the Perpich Center for Arts Education

Homecoming evolved over four months beginning with the concept of hate crimes against youth in rural Minnesota. Six seniors from the Arts High School at the Perpich Center for Arts Education interviewed several youth in small towns that had been discriminated against at their schools for their sexual orientation and lifestyle. As the project progressed, one individual's story stood out from the rest specifically because this student attended the Arts High School, which is in itself a unique environment conducive to creativity and learning.

Although four students dropped the project, Kirstin Nelson and Brian Schirber where determined to see the project completed and to see that Ron Everson's story was told. Half the film was shot in Lakeville, Minnesota where the discrimination took place. This was juxtaposed with footage from Perpich where Ron flourished. Ron, a Creative Writing major, graduated in 2004 and is currently living in Chicago. His story confirms how essential a school environment is to the well-being of young adults and how this setting should be supportive of students of all backgrounds and orientations.

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