Honor Flight

Dan Hayes
Bert BrachJoe DemlerJoe DeanSteve DeutschDonald EsselmanEarl Bruss
HONOR FLIGHT is a heartwarming documentary about four living World War II veterans and a Midwestern community coming together to give them the trip of a lifetime. Volunteers race against the clock to ?y thousands of WWII veterans to Washington, DC, to see the memorial constructed for them in 2005, nearly sixty years after the war. The trips are called "Honor Flights" and for the veterans, who are in their late 80s and early 90s, it's often the first time they've been thanked and the last trip of their lives. As the Honor Flight trip unfolds, Orville, Julian, Joe, Harvey and others share their stories and wisdom. While the program is meant to give something back to these humble heroes, the goodness they embody and their appreciation for life transforms everyone they meet.
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