How to Build a Rapper

103mins | 2010 | DocumentaryTVMA


Lewis Powell, Cetre Pegues
Jazze Pha, Johnpaul McLean, Zukhan Bey, Big Boi
This DocuDramedy follows a young artist as he?s put through the paces by two producers looking to answer the question: Can You Build a Rapper? The producers, Lew and Cetre, set out for an open mic night in Watts, CA and find JP, an inspiring, 24-year-old white kid from St. Augustine, FL with no skills of any use to a rapper but only the rawness of his dream--he plays the acoustic guitar for goodness sake! In the DocuDramedy, JP shares his personal stories and he takes us home to Florida to meet his friends and family. Back in LA, the producers begin JP's transformation--he records a demo and learns the essentials of hip-hop culture, including the right way? to tip a stripper (exotic dancer), get a haircut at a predominantly black barbershop, how to fire a firearm like a gangsta,? and a host of other scenarios. Industry professionals such as manager Mark Byers, celebrity stylist Patrick Cooper, platinum recording artist Big Boi of Outkast, and super producers Jazze Pha and Chucky Thom all make appearances in this DocuDramedy.
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