I Am Fishead

Vaclav DejcmarMisha Votruba
Peter Coyote
Narrated by award-winning actor Peter Coyote, I AM FISHEAD is a film which asks the question: "What is wrong with the world we live in?" It is generally acknowledged that society is shaped like a pyramid?and a few individuals at the top create the environment for the rest at the bottom. In the wake of such catastrophes as the 2008 financial meltdown, it appears as if the world?s elites?politicians and bankers?have failed in their given roles. Guided by the expression "A fish rots from the head," filmmakers Misha Votruba and Vaclav Dejcmar set out to investigate that rotten odor. What they discovered is that people at the top are more likely to be psychopaths than the rest of us. Could their presence in positions of power be the primary threat to global stability?