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I Love Trash

I Love Trash
1:15:44 | 2008

Categories: Arts and Culture

I Love Trash is a documentary about dumpster diving. Two friends decide to do an experiment in trash. They rent an unfurnished apartment and arrive with only the clothes they are wearing and a flashlight. They decide not to buy any things for 3 months and instead to find all their needs in the trash. They furnish their apartment lavishly. They eat decadently. They dress sharp, and create beautiful art, all from the trash.


Reviews: A- 2 Fans
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December 27, 2015
The subject matter and the possibilities of what this might be (might have been) brought me here and I applaud your effort. That said, the douche factor in this this is overwhelming. I'm still looking for a "real" documentary on this and before anyone says it, yeah -maybe I need to do it myself. I mean no disrespect to the "cause" nor the effort this required, but very disappointed in what (to me) amounts to a less than authentic representation.



December 2, 2014
Wonderful Film! I really makes me question the way in which our culture has become so disposable. And wow. So much cool stuff. I never really thought about how much we throw away. I think I'm gonna try it.