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I'm Not Nuts: Living With Food Allergies

I'm Not Nuts: Living With Food Allergies
1:24:00 | 2008

Categories: Documentary, Health and Food

I'M NOT NUTS explores the misinformation many have about food allergies through the experiences of several families, and also features interviews and insights from several noted medical professionals alongside representatives from worldwide food allergy support and advocacy groups.

Reviews: B+ 2 Fans
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Shine w
April 29, 2015
Very informative docu... especially for ppl who don't understand how serious a food allergy/reaction can be. As a child I learned by trial and error what I could/could not eat.. or to be very careful to ask if there were nuts in that cookie a friend would be offering me at school. My nut allergy is on the severe side.. my mouth begins to water, tongue begins to itch so bad that I would run for a toothbrush thinking if I scrubbed my mouth with toothpaste real quit it might stop the reaction somehow. No such luck unfortunately. It usually took 10/15 minutes before I would eventually throw up and then immediately after my throat would close. I'd end up waking later in the ER, not remembering the ambulance ride that got me there. Truly very scary stuff and I empathize with any child who has experienced such an episode. As an adult I stopped purchasing/carrying an epi-pen because I had been incident free for well over 10 years. What a mistake because I took a bite out of a dinner roll filled with hazel nuts and the plane I was on just began to taxi down the runway.. as u can imagine, I went into a full blown panic! I took for granted that the "special" dinner menu I had requested was free and clear of any tree nuts. I told the steward right away what was happening and lucky for me they had an epi-pen on board. It didn't stop me from feeling sick but at least they didn't have to land the plane. Lucky for the airline that I'm not a sue happy person but I did put in a complaint. This had been my most frightening episode to date but it taught me a lesson, I should carry an epi-pen at all times regardless! Better safe than sorry :-)
December 3, 2013
It is really boring.
Jennifer Ayres
August 22, 2013
A great way to explain Anaphylaxis and food allergies to those who don't know anything about it.
Yusuf Femi
April 19, 2013