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Categories: Drama, Fantasy
1:10:00 | 2007
Dr. Reineger, a famous neuropsychologist, has become convinced that a twin girl named Anna has a rare form of Autism called Asperger's Syndrome, rendering her unable to cope with reality. As for her blind sister, Sarah, the doctor cannot say for sure why her imaginary visions map so close to Anna's. At home, unable to face reality, their father leaves the family. To escape the pain, the girls sink deeper and deeper into their imagination. When a major earthquake takes their mother's life, Reineger gets more involved with helping the now-orphaned twins, while struggling with his realization that the girls seem to be capable of prophetic visions. The girls escape the doctor's institution and a subsequent search finds no trace of them. Have they transcended the physical realm? A mixture of live action, stop motion animation and other techniques makes this film a fantastic journey into the realm of imagination.


Topics: Children, Fantasy, Autism, Imagination, Journey, Medical, Health
Reviews: F 2 Fans
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Carrie Oyer-Waid
Carrie Oyer-Waid
January 30, 2014
The dumbest movie I've ever seen!
Angie Austin
Angie Austin
October 8, 2013
It is a disgrace to the autism community to make such a mockery of a very real problem today. The makers of this film should be ashamed of themselves!
Shamika Rutley
Shamika Rutley
September 27, 2013
feeling weirded out :{