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In Between Days

In Between Days
1:19:03 | 2006

Categories: Drama, Foreign, Romance, Festivals

IN BETWEEN DAYS intimately portrays the joys and risks of first love and burgeoning adulthood with bracing and undeniable honesty. Aimie is a teenager recently transplanted from her native South Korea to a snowbound North American city. Disconnected from her single mother and bored at school, she struggles to find her way in a strange land of new faces, only to encounter a strange age of new feelings. Aimie's sole meaningful connection is to her best and only friend Tran, a Korean boy a few steps ahead of her on the path to assimilation. But as Aimie's feelings for Tran grow in complexity and depth, her sole source of comfort and stability begins to cause her unease. On the threshold of maturity, Aimie struggles to find a place outside herself where past and future connect, and a place within herself where love and friendship don't cancel each other out.

In her "thrillingly self-assured" (New York Times) feature debut, director So Yong Kim uses intricately framed handheld DV photography and a naturalistic soundscape to lucidly render her non-actor casts performances with "remarkably unforced believability" (Time Out). Selected for the Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival, IN BETWEEN DAYS is an "extraordinary debut film" that "wows with subtlety" (New York Magazine).

"A quiet specimen of personal storytelling at its most exciting." -Entertainment Weekly

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May 4, 2014
A good film for making you remember or feel all the ups and downs of a first relationship, but like many first relationships this movie left me feeling unfulfilled, but maybe that was its point.



December 22, 2013



December 14, 2013