In Prison My Whole Life



IN PRISON MY WHOLE LIFE is a stark look at the life of imprisoned political activist and former Black Panther member, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Mumia's death sentence for killing a police officer was overturned in 2001 due to errors made during his original 1982 sentencing.

Mumia's cause has created a political storm but after the politicians have said their piece, after the court papers have been filed and the protestors have gone home, we are left with a film about a man, a father, a son, an inspiration and a pariah - who faces his twenty-fifth year on Death Row.

Despite his situation, and against all odds, Mumia has managed to penetrate the public's consciousness. Through his writings and his web and radio broadcasts from death row, he has become known to many as "the Voice of the Voiceless". This film allows him not only to speak to us, but also on behalf of those others who cannot find a voice.

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