India's Hidden Plague

Chandramouli Basu
Shahrukh KhanAkshay KumarAshley JuddSushmita Sen
In INDIA'S HIDDEN PLAGUE, Hollywood superstar Ashley Judd is on a mission. Far from her glamorous life in Hollywood, she is on a journey to Mumbai, India, in her role as Global Ambassador for Youth AIDS and Population Services International (PSI). Mumbai is a city of shocking contrasts, where extreme poverty sits next to massive wealth and the poor next to millionaires. It's a place where HIV is rife. Ashley's journey becomes a roller coaster of emotions as she meets the people for whom AIDS is a frightening reality. As they tell their stories candidly and openly, Ashley hopes to take their voices and experiences back to a world that might take notice. Lead by her heart and guided by the voices of those she meets along the way, Ashley takes her experiences to influential thinkers and policy makers to raise awareness and funds for PSI's HIV programs throughout India. In her mission, Ashley recruits the help of fellow Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Sushmita Sen and Akshay Kumar, all of whom want to play their part in this war against AIDS.
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