It's Not About Sex

Categories: Documentary, Shorts, Politics
8min | 2007
This new Documentary Workshop release, It's Not About Sex, takes a fresh look at the prevalence of sexual assault in our contemporary society. Shocked by the statistic that more than half of all rapes happen to people under 18, student producers search for the roots of the violence. They examine why many survivors of sexual crimes are afraid to report them. On their journey to understand this complex issue, they talk to people from all walks of life, from sex crimes prosecutors and anti-rape activists, to people in the sex industry. Producers challenge their own assumptions, while calling for society to take prevention seriously at an earlier age.


Topics: Sex
Reviews: A+ 12 Fans
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Doug Larson
Doug Larson
December 17, 2012
why can't people get message , no is no.
Craig Hardaway
Craig Hardaway
August 6, 2012
so so right.
Denis Veenendaal
Denis Veenendaal
December 1, 2011
Neni Penny
Neni Penny
October 15, 2011