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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix
52:19 | 2004

Categories: Documentary, Biography, Music, Celebrity

JIMI HENDRIX will satisfy those looking for historical details, insights, and heartfelt testimonials from family, friends, music industry royalty, and fellow musicians about the legendary guitarist. With the blessings of Jimi’s biological family and many of his closest friends, JIMI HENDRIX brings the life of Jimi Hendrix to light as never before. From his upbringing in Seattle to his final days in London, this doc goes beyond all previously released documentaries to explore the complete life-story behind the legendary artist.


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Susan Carmichael User
May 19, 2015
Ulianoff Rodriguez
October 14, 2014
miss deija
March 6, 2014
RIP Jimi Hendrix you are forever loved and appreciated~He IS Music!!
John Scott
December 8, 2013
November 8, 2013
william thomsa bryan
October 31, 2013
Mark Warren
October 4, 2013
This is well put together and perhaps the best explanation of Jimi's Seattle roots. I am anxious for the next part. Is it available anywhere?
Theo Thibodeaux
September 26, 2013
Nadia Renée
September 22, 2013
Steve Gentry
July 24, 2013
roman jones
July 8, 2013
This documentary as well as the Led Zeppelin doc would be far more effective if original artist music was used instead of the faux tracks they use.
Isaiah Dickerson
January 15, 2013
his music helped me make it through a difficult adolescent period. favorite song changes almost daily but today it is red house. so cool jimi.
Isaiah Dickerson
July 17, 2012
what can you say? jimi started it all.
June 24, 2012
A great documentary about Jimi (John Allen or James Marshall) Hendrix. Very heartwrenching stuff, especially his brother Joe. Makes me wonder (or is it that obvious?) if his brother Joe was in part inspiration for Jimi to cover the tune "Hey Joe"? I have a very rich sounding sdb copy of J.Cippillina and the guy who actually wrote "Hey Joe" - Billy Roberts, playing H.J. together in a SF;CA club 1986. There's a copy of that show(or used to be) on Ahh... (talking muisc I can EASILY start playing connect the dots & gladly get, but another time and site, so...back to this Jimi docu! During the movie, I kinda felt that, maybe(?), certain family members were' kinda embellishing' 45 yr old stories to appease the camera.....Don't get me wrong it's a superb doc...The 'behind the song' stories were pretty great (and without hardly any bs or conspiracy twisted stuff thrown on top). What impressed me the most was the fact that this documentary wasnt going after the tried and true mix of a hard partying - rock - junkie - God - storyline = high raves from the partying youth of today and yet offers absolutely no "story" of any kind. I mean other than Rock n Roll = Fame + Drugs = Dead Rock n Roller'. IMO, this documentary is the REAL DEAL! In fact I'm not sure they even mention substances at all aside from Jimi's parents drinking. Watch this, and if kids or someone who knows nothing outside of a few songs of Jimi's & is interested in learning about the MAN - have them watch this 1st. It tires me to see, for years now, just about every one of my favorite dead artists have been portrayed in media, on tee-shirts, and magazines as these hard core drug addicts (which I know sells to our current and man made youth market) - I guess it's boring to learn that our rock hero's may have been 'everyday people' or had horrendous childhoods. To find out that the songs we may have thought had to do with drugs or some media implanted notion that a song was about sex....was actually about something very tangible and ordinary - I think what helps to make a great artist great is the ability of using the everyday or mundane to emotional moments in life as the inspiration for something exciting, new, & brilliant - JUST LIKE JIMI HENDRIX! RIP - YOU WERE AND STILL ARE, 1st & FOREMOST THE MOST TALENTED GUITAR PLAYING INNOVATOR EVER!
Robin Morris
June 1, 2012
In 1998 I helped organize a party at Lennon Studios in S.F. for the Hey Joe mailing list, a buncha deep Jimifans- One of the coolest heads that showed was Ray Rae Goldman he had some rare Jimi pictures, a pocketful of Cuban Cigars, and he got up and rocked the house with his strat.- Ray, I never saw this! Nice work, brother. Cool to see Mary Willix, too- I always liked her book Letters from Home on Jimi's Seattle years.
Michael Chernik
April 15, 2012
Bruce Lee, Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix all went to the same high school. Little Richard's mom lived around the corner from the Hendrix and Jimi got in Richard's band. Predestine cut short by drugs and alcohol like the bullet cut short at the age of 40 just when he was coming out of his demons. Evil in the world? You betcha. War of good against evil...uh know it!
Ron Barrow
March 5, 2012
saw the experience play indianapolis, mother's day, about a year after ladyland came out.started set w/"c'mon, pt I", followed by an hour or so of some of the best jams I ever saw.and there's been a few! I remember he dedicated "foxy lady"to the girl w/the red underwear in the 3 rd row.hahaha! even played some of"1983....a merman.."during the jam.soft machine was s'posed to open, but it was chicago, instead.jimi was the reson I picked upp a gutar, seriously...still trying to figure out how'd he do that? peace, respect & music.
Otis Stanley
February 19, 2012
my main man.
Dean Knutson
January 17, 2012
Most personal anecdotes I've heard on Jimi H., very candid family comments.
Neo Poe
December 21, 2011
What more can you say...who else could spit fire from a guitar! The GREATEST!
Sam Yahres
December 20, 2011
I still miss you, Jimi...
Michael McCartney
December 19, 2011
Vivek Chhetri
November 24, 2011
he was god with guitar in his hand............................
Mark Barto
October 31, 2011
He lives....
Joellen Flynt
October 12, 2011
Saw him at Monterey Pop Festival and Newport Pop Festival. Was amazing experience -- one that I can never forget!
Clifton Nelson
October 12, 2011
loved it, but then I almost idolized Jimi back in his day,..........I have a lot of his music on LP's or 8 track....Imagine.
Mike Surgenor
October 7, 2011