Jobs For Rent

Jobs For Rent
36:00 | 2010

Categories: Shorts, Politics

Jobs for Rent follows the emotional and financial journeys of three 20-somethings establishing their careers during an economic and generational time when instability is the only sure thing. Relate to the overachieving lawyer, struggling artist and wandering Starbucks barista as they each grabble between passion and practicality.

The Starbucks barista's journey involves her deciding between stability in receiving health insurance for working part-time hours and finding a new endeavor where, in her words, she can "be creative" and "work with people".

The lawyer works for a boutique law firm, as an underpaid associate. She struggles between paying off $160,000 in law school loans and her underpaid job, all the while training as a competitive track runner for the Beijing Olympic Games in the women's 10k.

The artist, a fine art painter who focuses on painting images of hands, needs to leave his art world to focus on achieving a nine-to-five job. He begins his jaunt, trying to find steady employment - in anything: mural painting, "ghost painting" for another "artist", as a bike messenger, teaching figure drawing, driving a hearse, working in construction, working on a train, bartending, working for underprivileged kids. You name it, he mentions it.

Will the lawyer find a higher paying law firm job and have to give up on her dream of competing in the Olymipcs? Will the barista quit Starbucks in exchange for a more favorable job? Will the artist find a nine-to-five and leave painting for good? The Jobs for Rent journey may lead them in the right direction.


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joseph chavez
December 13, 2013
Unfortunately accurate portrayal of the modern day struggle of the emerging adults in America.
March 29, 2015
Thanks for watching Joseph. I'll make the next film with a positive slant. :) I just wanted folks (and me, at the time) to feel like they were not alone.
Beth M.
December 8, 2013
tamara duval
November 27, 2013
Abbey Henderson
November 23, 2013
Van Rucker
April 8, 2013
March 29, 2015
Thanks for watching Van. What did you find interesting about it?