King of the Mountain

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1:30:16 | 1981
Mulholland Drive is a viciously dangerous road in the Hollywood Hills where, for almost forty years, drivers with no regard for the value of their young lives, pit themselves and their expensive custom cars against the treachery of the curves, the moods of the mountains, and each other.  This is part of the lifestyle and obsession of three young friends in an environment of music, parties, and beautiful girls.  It's a high speed adventure of friendship and love overshadowed by jealousy and betrayal, because when you're the best, someone always wants to be better!


Topics: Extreme, Car, Illegal Street Racing, Los Angeles, Fascinating People, Fear
Reviews: B+ 3 Fans
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Gene Waugh
Gene Waugh
November 17, 2013
I thought it was inmature great movie
October 22, 2013
damien thorne
damien thorne
September 26, 2013
Gene Batchelor
Gene Batchelor
February 14, 2013
too many breaks between..