Kornography: The Unauthorized Biography of Korn

Simon Bisset
Nic AdlerPaul RogersTed StrykerChris Page
Korn were among the first stars of the so-called "nu-metal" movement of the mid-to-late 1990s. Mixing the brutal ferocity of thrash with a funky undertow, these musicians created a unique backdrop for the doomstruck images of vocalist Jonathan Davis. Going behind the scenes of this band for the first time, KORNOGRAPHY: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF KORN takes a look at their early history with music journalists, ex-members, fans, and fellow musicians offering their perspectives on what makes the group tick and how they made it to the top. Part exposé and part biography, this exciting documentary takes you backstage and on the road in exclusive locations?and reveals Korn as you've never seen before.
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