La Caminata

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Categories: Action, Shorts, Politics
15:00 | 2009
Seven hours south of the US/Mexican Border lies the small town of Alberto, where the local community, like many pueblos across Mexico, has lost 80 percent of its population to migration into the United States. But Alberto has a plan to revive their community, the creation of a theme-park event - a simulated border crossing, complete with balaclava-clad "coyotes" as guides and "border patrol" that chase "migrants" up and down rough terrain through the night. They call this event the Caminata (translation: journey, hike, trek). The organizers designed the experience as a tool for compassion and consciousness-raising, showing the largely middle-class Mexican tourists who attend the difficulty and dangers faced by those crossing the border. Through an exploration of this unique journey, La Caminata adds a fresh perspective to the ongoing debate on immigration: that of Mexicans actively fighting poverty, joblessness, and desolation in their home communities.


Topics: Community, Mexico, Border, Migration, Illegal, Immigrant, Tourism, Journey, Danger, Cortometraje, Acción, Action, Shorts
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Henry Vargas
Henry Vargas
April 13, 2014
Excelente cortometraje acerca de La Caminata.
Courtney Porter
Courtney Porter
October 8, 2013