Last Seen at Angkor

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Categories: Thrillers, Drama
2hr 32min | 2006
Jeremy Oden returns to Thailand to meet with a private detective from Singapore, Lo Jin. Jeremy has been looking for his kidnapped fiancée (Katie) for the last four years, and has finally decided to get help from outside legal channels. Lo Jin offers to take Jeremy outside the law to help find her. As they travel toward Cambodia, Jeremy lives in a world of regret, re-living flashbacks of his last days with Katie. Lo Jin learns that he has a drug addiction, which strains their tense relationship. When connections are made to exchange money with elusive gang members for information, Jeremy is twice robbed. Jeremy begins to lose faith in Lo Jin, accusing him of a scam. At a local bar, Jeremy meets an American ex-patriot (Carlo) who befriends him and eventually brings him to a brothel. Delirious with pain and pills, Jeremy finds himself locked in a dark room, forced to fend off a brothel girl (Kiri) sent to seduce him. Jeremy learns that Carlo is no friend, his only purpose being to recruit new customers. Rejoining Lo Jin in his search, Jeremy is given evidence that they're very close to finding Katie...until he learns that Lo Jin is also deceiving him. Chasing Lo Jin through the streets of Siem Reap, Jeremy catches and condemns him. As he returns in a misguided attempt to rescue Kiri from brothel life, the truth of what really happened to Katie four years ago finally reveals itself in an ugly revelation...


Topics: Crime, Kidnap, Drugs, Prostitution, International, Cambodia, Thailand
Reviews: A- 3 Fans
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Tom Huffman
Tom Huffman
September 12, 2013
Lynn Souther
Lynn Souther
August 30, 2013
The Movie was painfully boring until the last 2 minutes. The last 2 minutes were stunning. The Background Music was too loud most of the time. I had to keep adjusting the sound.
Matt Tierney
Matt Tierney
August 27, 2013