Last Will and Embezzlement

82mins | 2012 | DocumentaryNR
Deborah Louise Robinson
Kathleen J. Houseweart, Mickey Rooney, Pamela Glasner, Artie Pasquale
With interviews featuring the late Mickey Rooney, this groundbreaking documentary examines the fraud and financial abuse against the elderly. Producer Pamela Glasner was inspired to start the documentary after she found out her parents were swindled out of their life savings. Elders with Alzheimer's and dementia, being especially prone to deception, are most vulnerable to victimization. They are also most targeted because they are least likely to report it. The movie features deeply moving yet greatly disturbing first-hand accounts from real-life victims, as well as in-depth interviews with experts who discuss such key issues as victim profiles, the perpetrators, modus operandi, the symptoms and effects of these crimes, as well as potential solutions to this ever-increasing worldwide problem. In the era where baby boomers (who control 80% of personal finances) are reaching senior citizens in mass amounts, this problem will reign its terror on millions more and truly become an epidemic.
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