Leap of Faith

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1:35:27 | 2009
This feature-length documentary is the first ever film to explore the phenomenon of religious conversion. The film takes an in-depth look at one of modern man?s more dramatic and difficult spiritual journeys: a journey that moves the voyager to forsake the religion of parents, abandon the traditions of childhood and enter into a wholly new, often radically different system of belief and practice of worship. In LEAP OF FAITH we follow four families through their attempt at religious conversion ? to becoming Orthodox Jews. It is a decision that some will find courageous, others utterly absurd. We will witness a host of crises and triumphs and often surprising consequences. Searching for truth and meaning in their lives, this group of unlikely Americans take a leap of faith and undergo conversion from Christianity to Orthodox Judaism. Emotional and spiritual strength is needed in order to make such a drastic step in one's life.


Topics: Judaism, Beliefnet, Christianity, Religion, Journey, Childhood, Orthodox, Controversy
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