Lest We Forget

Jason DaSilva
Suheir HammadRichard Brundage
With a critical eye, LEST WE FORGET explores a lesson that the United States seems determined to learn twice. December 7, 1941. The bombing of Pearl Harbor thrusts America into World War II. In the name of national security, all people of Japanese origin are proclaimed ""enemy aliens"" and interned for the duration of the war. September 11, 2001. A new chapter in national security begins as America suffers another terrible tragedy, and his time, new "aliens" are designated: Arabs, South Asians and Muslims. From violating civil liberties to vilifying a visible minority, U.S. is hellbent on homeland security?but when do government actions once again cross the line into unlawful treatment of innocent citizens? In this documentary, award-winning filmmaker Jason DaSilva reaches out to the communities most affected, and gives many individuals the opportunity to share their profoundly disturbing stories.
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