93mins | 2001 | LGBTR


Michael Cuesta
Paul Dano, Billy Kay , Brian Cox, Bruce Altman
In this controversial indie drama starring Paul Dano and Brian Cox, a teenaged boy in desperate need of a father figure finds one in a place no one should ever have to look. Howie (Dano) is a 15-year-old who has been emotionally out to sea ever since the death of his mother years earlier. Howie's father Marty (Bruce Altman) is also having trouble dealing with the loss, and distracts himself with empty sex and dodging the authorities. Howie falls in with a group of delinquents, becoming close to streetwise Gary (Billy Kay). In time, Howie begins to wonder if his feelings for Gary go past ordinary friendship, but the issue of his sexuality is forced into a very different light after Gary persuades Howie to join him in robbing the home of middle-aged former Marine Big John Harrigan (Cox). It doesn't take long for Big John to track down the culprits, but then Howie learns Gary sometimes works as a male prostitute - and Big John is a regular customer.
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