Line in the Sand

85mins | 2009 | DramaTV14


Rob Botts
Rob Botts, Paul J. Alessi, Julie Mac, Gary Weeks
Set during the most recent conflict in Iraq, this war drama follows two U.S. Marines who find themselves stranded in the desert after their unit is all but destroyed in a routine mission. One of their team is taken hostage in the attack, their Humvee is stolen, communications are down and supplies are limited. Hurt in the ambush, Corporal Ray Kapler (Rob Botts) has already given up on their captured comrade?and just wants to return to base. Lance Corporal David Miller (Gary Weeks) believes they should leave no man behind, and rescue their friend. Injured and exhausted, the pair must battle the elements and put aside their differences to make it out of the desert alive. LINE IN THE SAND is a story of survival, sacrifice and the unbreakable bond that all Marines share.
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