Liquid Off the Throne of Shiva

48 MINS2000TVG
World-class kayaker Scott Lindgren wrote, directed, shot, and lived this ultimate white-water adventure documentary. He and three other phenomenal sportsmen navigated the previously uncharted, ferocious gorges of the upper Karnali River, deep in the Himalaya Mountains. This is arguably the toughest, most extreme kayaking in the world. The men negotiate fierce, nonstop rapids and "holes," steering between boulders the size of buildings. It's quite an exhilarating sight. (An instant of inattention or misjudgment could mean instant death.) When the river finally becomes more than they bargained for, the kayakers must hike seven miles in the steep mountains, in darkness, their boats on their heads. Lindgren took pains to make this more than just a sports adventure movie. Lindgren also illustrates the unbelievably harsh existence of the people who dwell in the most remote region on earth.
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