Little Lady Fauntleroy

Ned ParkerKeith Allen
Little Lady Fauntleroy is an extraordinary, jaw-dropping, hilarious documentary that tracks down James Harries and his family. Do you remember Harpo Marx-lookalike James Harries, the child genius who appeared regularly on TV chat shows in the 80s and early 90s? Billed as a child prodigy, he astonished the nation with apparent encyclopaedic knowledge of antiques, and his love of good manners, and even spoke of plans to become Prime Minister. Whatever happened to him? James is now Lauren. And what a family! At first sight they may seem to be a houseful of geniuses, but although every single member has a PHD in metaphysics, we soon discover that some were purchased from a fake university in the USA, while others were awarded to them by themselves. Nevertheless, their walls are dotted with these certificates, degrees, and awards all 100% fake. Experience Keith Allen's quiet horror and incredulousness from the very first frame as he gradually comes to terms with insanity of the household he's walked into?
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