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Categories: Shorts, Drama
24:54 | 2008
Tommy is a young man who works hard to make it to graduation, to be a good friend and a good boyfriend, and to raise his three sisters. On his 18th birthday, Tommy must reckon with both his past and his future to define for himself what it means to become a man.

Topics: Relationships, Friendship, Young, Children, Adulthood, Future, Past, Family, Coming Of Age, Teenagers, Work, Love, Siblings
Reviews: A+ 5 Fans
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Mitchell Schwartz
Mitchell Schwartz
December 5, 2013
December 1, 2013
Mary Mahon
Mary Mahon
August 4, 2013
good story...
Rob York
Rob York
June 26, 2013
Beautifully told story about a boy becoming a man in the city.