Mentor (2014)

79 MINS2014DocumentaryTVPG
Alix Lambert
In both 2006 and 2010, Mentor, Ohio, was selected as one of the Top 100 Places to Live in the U.S. But over those five years, an alarming number of teens from this upper-class enclave committed suicide. Directed by Alix Lambert (Blue Bayou), MENTOR follows the families of two victims as they uncover a shocking history of bullying at Mentor High School. Sladjana Vidovic endured constant abuse beginning in the eighth grade: kids made fun of her name, her Croatian accent, her clothes and her perceived queerness. She also received nightly death threats. Her family sought help from the school?principals, counselors, nurses, security guards and the police all systematically failed to stop the bullying or create a safer environment. Sladjana hung herself at 16. Eric Mohat did not tell his parents about his daily physical abuse, of being called ?fag? and ?queer? at school. He was taunted into killing himself at 17. Their families then join forces to sue the school district?who pursue a policy of denial, destroy evidence and willfully refuse to address bullying at all. At its heart, this film poses a harrowing question: What tragedies will some endure to maintain the status quo, and what risks must we take to reclaim the future of a community in conflict?
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