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Michael Moore Hates America

Michael Moore Hates America
1:33:00 | 2006

Categories: Documentary, Politics

In ROGER AND ME, Michael Moore tried in vain to get an interview with millionaire GM CEO Roger Smith. In MICHAEL MOORE HATES AMERICA, documentarian Michael Wilson searches for the American Dream and sets off on a nationwide quest to interview another millionaire - the "documentary" filmmaker, Michael Moore.

Reviews: C- 5 Fans
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March 4, 2015
Barbara Wieland
December 6, 2013
Laughable for all the wrong reasons. This guy wishes he was MM, and you can tell by how he fanboyed MM's techniques. There's room for criticism of MM, but this guy is as biased as the bias he's crying about.
Chuck Whalen
August 5, 2013
Irr Elevant
July 30, 2013
Impressive documentary
vanessa stearnes
July 20, 2013
Nik Mastroddi
May 21, 2012
Terrible documentary by any standards, just a vitriolic reaction with no factual backing whatsoever. Patronising, stupid, low-rent, populated by a cast of pseudo-experts with no qualifications or authority at all - anything it accuses Michael Moore of doing, it does twice over or more. I find Moore quite annoying, but this is just so much worse.
Ron Barrow
March 5, 2012
guess penn & teller's"bullshit", says it all.THIS is bs.all you can say is moore's a fat, lazy rich white dude? really? how much did this guy get paid, and why was breightbart even included? free speech, one each.
Jim Whittaker
November 26, 2011
What a profound load of crap!
Frank Valente
November 19, 2011
This film was made by an asshole serving the 1% of traitors that have destroyed the American Dream. Don't bother watching this worthless pack of lies.
Demarcos Lorenzo
October 22, 2011
Micheal Moore is the man...this film is bullshit.