Mondo Hollywood

120 MINS1967TV14
Robert Carl Cohen
Dale DavisMargaretta RamseyTheodore Charach
Lauded by Variety as a "flippy, trippy, psychedelic guide to Hollywood," this underground classic is the definitive documentary on Tinseltown in the purple hazed 1960s. MONDO HOLLYWOOD features a motley crew of surfers, skydivers, LSD gurus, hippies, peaceniks, protest-singers, rightwing politicians, eccentric multi-millionaires, transvestites?and a parade of celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Sonny Bono, Cher, Ronald Reagan, Frank Zappa, Jayne Mansfield, Brigitte Bardot, Alfred Hitchcock, Bobby Beausoleil (of the Manson Family) and Jay Sebring (victim of the Mansons). With an original soundtrack performed by the Mugwumps and Davy Allen & the Arrows, MONDO HOLLYWOOD also features musical direction by Mike Curb?who was later elected Lieutenant Governor of California despite being falsely accused of "singing falsetto in a bathtub scene in the film with two lesbians."
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