Mr. Christmas

Categories: Kids and Family, Drama
58min | 2005
A young father struggling to make ends meet on a Depression-era salary can't afford to buy his 5-year-old daughter what she's expecting Santa Claus to bring her for Christmas. The surprise, uplifting ending is guaranteed to put even the most embittered Scrooge into the Christmas spirit.

Topics: Christmas, Family, Money, Poverty, Holidays
Reviews: C 1 Fans
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Kim K
Kim K
December 15, 2014
To be during the depression there were too many modern things still caught in the film, like Runt Candy (these weren't around until the early '80s).
Glynnis Raquel
Glynnis Raquel
December 14, 2012
good movie
Cheree King
Cheree King
November 24, 2012
you will love this movie.