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Nazis and Blondes

Nazis and Blondes
58:00 | 2008

Categories: Documentary, Arts and Culture, History

What was the role of the Baltic film actors in creating the figure of the enemy in the Soviet time cinema? Many generations of Soviet people were raised in the spirit of Soviet war films. It is a fact that most Nazi villains in Soviet war movies were played by Baltic actors. This film follows the development of the enemy's figure in the Soviet film and in the role of Baltic actors in creating it.


Reviews: C+ 4 Fans
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Kevin Mabag
April 8, 2014
Billy Schallerer
March 13, 2014
The protesters against fascism turned into fascists by censoring actors and movies.IRONIC
Darren Spencer
February 12, 2014
Gerald Hipp
October 10, 2013
Whitec Amry
October 3, 2012
Most actors will tell you: playing the baddie is always much more fun.
Trisha Doherty
October 2, 2012
Nazis are way better than soviets.
Boulder TheFarm
August 18, 2012
Blondes are nice and nazis aer not.
Sherri Drobac
August 1, 2012
IamSerbian, how could I possibly support this. devil incarnate!
Sean Osborne
July 31, 2012
An interesting film, but it seems most of the actors completely deny the unparalleled atrocities committed on Soviet soil during World War 2. And that's a sad thing to deny.
Alice Zellers
January 16, 2013
By who? The Nazis or the communist dogs? Maybe both? ;)
Cody Furguson
March 2, 2013
Atrocities are attrocious, state-sponsored deportation to gas chambers ad ovens is a step beyond.
Mike Farley
July 19, 2012
My Uncle served with the 505 Parachute Infantry, and he absolutely refused to watch any WW2 movie. He was a blue eyed blond Indiana farm boy. I can remember him telling me that Hollywood made it seem like, " The only Americans fighting in WW2 came from the Bronx" or " I wish we could have fought the Hollywood German army."
Conspiracy Bob
June 22, 2012
If the truth were told, our mass media and history books would be other than sheer propaganda. Guggenheim and Ford Foundations are the Judas goat. It wasn't just the Soviets who turned out massive propaganda!
Deena Sortland
June 20, 2012
Unfortunately a number of Baltic people did support the Nazis in their war of extermination of the Jews. Sad
Brian Davis
January 4, 2013
There were Jewish "catchers" as well.