Never Say Macbeth

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Categories: Comedy, Romance
1hr 27min | 2007
Danny, a science teacher, tries to reunite with his ex-girlfriend, Ruth, who has dumped him to become an actress in Hollywood. Stumbling into an LA theater during auditions asking: "Is this the audition for Macbeth?" he starts a series of unfortunate events that curse not only the production, but also his ex-girlfiend, all but ruining his chance for love. This is a high-spirited, no-holds-barred comedy about the biggest taboo in theater.


Topics: Theater, Hollywood, Love, Dream, Funny, Romantic Comedies
Reviews: A+ 4 Fans
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Iftikhar Ahmed
Iftikhar Ahmed
January 31, 2014
Beth M.
Beth M.
December 11, 2013
Jess Gong
Jess Gong
November 17, 2013