Niagara Motel

88mins | 2006 | ComedyR


Gary Yates
Kevin Pollak, Wendy Crewson, Anna Friel, Peter Keleghan
Niagara Falls has always been a quintessential romantic destination and a symbol of happy new beginnings. Apparently honeymooning newlyweds have never heard of the NIAGARA MOTEL. At this low-rent, high-drama establishment, heartbreak waltzes with hilarity in a madcap dance of absurdity as eight hapless residents?including a sleazy porn producer, a depressed alcoholic and a drug-addicted mother?struggle to tie up the loose ends of their lives. With an all-star cast led by Craig Ferguson, Kevin Pollack and Anna Friel, NIAGARA MOTEL is a bittersweet black comedy that shouldn't be missed.
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