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Noam Chomsky on the World: The Chomsky Sessions

Noam Chomsky on the World: The Chomsky Sessions
1:14:00 | 2008

Categories: Documentary, War, Politics, History

One of the most respected intellectuals of the 20th century, Noam Chomsky has had a long and prolific career as a linguist, philosopher, and political activist. Undoubtedly, though, he is best known as the quintessential American dissident. Chomsky’s criticism of U.S. foreign policy began with the Vietnam War and has continued over the span of the next forty years (and roughly as many books). This fascinating documentary delves into the mind of the man himself through a series of candid interviews, lectures, and classroom discussions in which he traces the entire arc of 20th-century American politics, from 1920s public policy to 9/11. Even more importantly, the professor emeritus sketches out a history of resistance and struggle that is fundamental to his political thought and, he claims, to the “civilizing” of America. Disarmingly straightforward, tremendously informed and profoundly insightful, Chomsky has the rare ability to illuminate larger patterns and systems, bringing viewers to a far deeper understanding of history, power and the uniquely American privilege of protest. Thoroughly absorbing and edifying, NOAM CHOMSKY ON THE WORLD: THE CHOMSKY SESSIONS profiles the luminous thinking of a man who has spent his life striving to educate, to empower, and ultimately, to liberate.


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